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Yardmaster Electric Pumps & Stirrers

Certified dealer for Yardmaster Pumps & Stirrers. 

Yardmaster® effluent pumps are designed to provide hard-working and reliable performance across the full range of applications within a Dairy Effluent System. From the initial ‘Transfer’ of solids from the cowshed or feed pad to the storage pond or tank through to Yardmaster’s range of high pressure Effluent Pumps suitable for pumping ‘Processed’ green water from the ponds or tanks to your preferred make of irrigator.

All of the Yardmaster® Pumps are proven to perform specific functions at various stages of an effluent system and fit seamlessly with other Yardmaster® products including Stirrers, Separators and Automation products. Your Yardmaster® Certified Dealer near you can advise the pump that is right for your application. Yardmaster® Pumps are also used across a number of commercial and industrial applications including meat processing plants, wool scowers and sawmills for solids/slurry waste management.

Yardmaster® Effluent Stirrers are designed to provide powerful agitation to prevent the effluent from ‘Caking’ or forming solids, resulting in more efficient storage and helping to improve the flow of the effluent during irrigation. The range includes shore mounted and floating frame based solutions for ponds as well as Effluent Stirrers specifically designed for tanks and submersible applications. Models come in various sizes according to the level of agitation required.

Your Yardmaster® Certified Dealer near you can advise the stirrer that is right for your application and as with other products from Yardmaster®, the Stirrers fit seamlessly within with other Yardmaster products including Pumps, Separators and Automation products within your effluent system.


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