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Pooma Pumps

Pooma 65 & 80 Pump Range

The new Williams Pooma Pump range are specifically designed to handle effluent with a high level of suspended solids. The double chopper system finely macerates all fibrous material greatly reducing the chance of system blockages. The Pooma pumps are fitted with a mechanical seal lubrication chamber that will keep the mechanical seal lubricated if the pump was to run dry for a short period.

Pooma Pumps are offered in two models to match tractor horsepower rating and system duty requirements. Both models can be mounted on a 3 point linkage frame or trailer.


  • Overdrive gearbox
  • Double chopper system
  • Mechanical seal lubricator 
  • 80mm double outlet with gate valves
  • 3.0 meters of 75mm flexi pipe & fittings
  • 6.6 meter 150mm suction assemebly
  • Galvanised suction strainer


Performance Curves
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