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New product for 2013!!

Forever evolving council requirements & regulations drives us here at Williams to be relentless in product research & development to ensure we are providing compliant equipment that is competitive with other irrigation equipment on the market. The next step forward for travelling irrigators we feel was gaining wider spreading widths to lower the application rates and cut down the labour input. To achieve this we first thought building an irrigator with a wider boom was the best way forward to achieve this by after building an 18m fold up boom version of the Greenback to try and get a 50m spread width. The construction cost, freighting and the farmer having to move the irrigator was all going to be against us so we went back to the drawing board and looked at other options.
The Williams GB Magnum uses the proven reliability of a Williams Greenback and the simplistic performance of a Sime rain gun to form an irrigator that from what we can tell is the first of its kind. In short, the GB Magnum is a rain gun mounted to a Greenback with one arm blanked off. We have managed to more than double the wetted width of the Greenback while maintaining a similar flow, halving our average application rates & depths.
August 2012 saw the first prototype GB Magnum constructed. This machine has been in use on a high input local dairy farm pumping straight from a concrete sump for the past 4 months. After some fine tuning, the irrigator has been running faultlessly. As with all of our irrigators, Williams commissioned Dr Jim Hargreaves from Massey University to conduct testing. These tests revealed the GB Magnum is capable of applying average application depths of 3mm at application rates below 10 mm/hour which we were targeting. Wetted widths ranged from 45 90m depending on operating pressure and nozzle size.
Up until now, the only way effluent could be applied at application rates below 10mm/hour is with the use of static sprinklers or re-locatable pods. The problem with this is up to 19 shifts are required to cover a paddock 150 x 250 metres. With the Williams GB Magnum, the same sized paddock can be covered evenly with only 2 shifts.
When fitted with a Williams Auto Shut-off valve and/or a GPS system, over application of effluent is practically impossible. With a pod system, if the pods are not shifted before each pump cycle, the pods will continue to irrigate the same areas until they are moved.
Why spend 10s of thousands of dollars on an expensive solid separation system creating more labour requirements when you can irrigate your effluent in a single nutrient rich state??

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FDE Pond Design & Construction Qualified

Williams recently attended a short course run by Infatrain New Zealand. The course covered all aspects of effluent pond design & construction from start to finish.

Getting your local contractor to simply dig a "hole in the ground" that looks to be "big enough" to store effluent is no longer acceptable. The pond must be proven to be impermeable ensuring effluent does not leak out contaminate groundwater. Synthetic or clay liners are a must in every new pond installation to guarantee the permeability standard is achieved.

The Massey University pond storage calculator takes farm specific information including catchment areas / heard numbers etc and generates a recommended required storage volume based on 30 years of local weather data. This enables us to generate a pond size that will be of a size that will keep your farm compliant 365 days of the year every year. A pond that is not large enough could force effluent irrigation when soils are saturated leading to surface run off or groundwater contamination. 


Contact us for a no obligation pond storage calculation & liner / construction costs today!!

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Recent system installations

Here is a few of the projects Williams have designed & installed in our local area this season. No matter how big or small your Moopoo problem is, Williams has what it takes to provide a effective solution that works in with your farm.


Call us today to get a staged plan in place that will get your farm fully compliant for years to come.

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We're Accredited!

We are now fully accredited farm dairy effluent system designers.

The accreditation programme has been set up by Dairy NZ inconjunction with Irrigation New Zealand with the sole purpose of raising the quality of effluent systems designed & installed throughout the country.Through attaining this qualification, our current and future clients can be certain we have what it takes to design and install a fully compliant effluent system from start to finish.

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GreenBack Distribution Uniformity <1.25

For effluent irrigation systems to become/remain compliant under regional & local council regulations, one of the standards that must be met is the irrigator should be able to apply effluent at a distribution uniformity of less than 1.25. This has meant we have had to put a lot of time & effort to ensure our irrigators stay competitive with other application methods on the market. Williams are now proud to announce our latest Greenback Irrigator is the only travelling irrigator on the market that is proven to produce distribution uniformity coefficients of less than the industry standard of 1.25.

All testing and data preparation was conducted with Dr Jim Hargreaves of Massey University which gives strong independent validity to the data.

Any data, graphs required for FDE designers can be supplied upon request.

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400+ Greenbacks Sold!!!

We have now just hit over 400+ Greenback Spider Irrigators!!

After releasing the "Greenback" and putting them out on the market, we are very happy to of sold 400 of them in a tough financial climate.

The "Greenback" has proven to be a hit, with its Low Application performance, even spread pattern and keeping the Williams Spider reputation by being reliable, simple and cost effective.

For more info call 0800 4 EFFLUENT

Andrew Williams -

New Dealer in the US

Pete Hetherington is the Director of the Company and has had a great deal of experience with our product, and will help with any Effluent System enquiries, and also stocks a range of our irrigators parts that he will happily ship to anywhere in the U.S.

To contact Pete, click on Dealer at the top of the page.

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